A p R i L (ox_isis_xo) wrote in childrenofnight,
A p R i L


What do you think about aliens? Do they exist? Are they really trying to come to this planet? Or is that all a hoax? Hmm? Hrm? Thoughts?
I love to hear thoughts about aliens, b/c I personally, enjoy the thought of them. To me, aliens DO exist, but not in the way that most people have come to know them. They are not trying to come to this planet. The government seems to enjoy people getting all up in a frenzy. Why out of all the universes? Out of all the planets? Out of all the solar systems? Would the aliens choose this planet? They probably have been here already and done that. You know what I mean? (AND I have come to the conclusion that aliens were the ones to actually create us in some shape or form, thus why they resemble us a lot) Yeah, I know, I sound like a weirdo!
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