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Children of the Night

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Hello and Welcome!
Sit back and relax and allow your mind to wander into another dimension. Tell us your stories of encounters of any sort, enlighten us on tips for meditation, guide us through things that seem unreal. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions about things you are unsure of. This community is for those whom are noted as "weird" in society because of our ways of looking at things and because of the gifts that were given to us. Tell us about your abilities of any sort. Speak words in poetry of things that may be on your mind. Come on, enjoy yourself!
Simple rules:
1.Enjoy yourself
2.Do not be rude to others views
3.We are here to learn about new things
4.Help others when they ask of it
*Thank you*
Do introduce yourself! IT would be nice to get to know everyone whom stops on by. :)