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Life after death?

Hrm? What do you really think is going to happen when your body decays and your astral body is free to roam? Is there actually a place to roam, or is there just darkness? What do you think?
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That is a beautiful thing, yes!
It seems like a lot of religions have about the same belief as to what happens in the end?
I like to believe in reincarnation! :) It always seems like an exciting thing. (Only if you deserve it of course)
In the end, maybe some people do not have a choice as to where they are going to go. It is a sad thing to think about, but that his life.
It does seem like (from what you said) in the end there is only what you desire there to be. If you think you would be going to hell, then thus, that is where you will arrive, yadayada!
What would you choose? Staying in your paradise, or being reborn(reincarnation?)

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Hell in actuallity, is a bad place. But, I do not believe that you have to be all good and mighty to get up to this "heaven". Only the really horrible people make it to hell because the world is ever so forgiving if someone asks to give it a try again. ;)
That book totally says some good things. If someone is so into themselves, (which is mildly ok, if you are just trying to make yourself happy), but if making yourself happy is going to hurt someone, you do not deserve even a second chance to make a better world for someone.
Reincarnation does sound like a fun idea. It is one that I have a strong belief into. See, I believe that in the end, you are given a choice to run free in just your astral body or be reincarnated into someone else. Staying in your astral body does not sound like a bad idea, either, for then you could go to the moon? Wander the earth and just chill? Go to pluto? Go anywhere that you desired to go. UNLESS, you are banned to stay on earth, and that would really suck. It would be better just to be reincarnated!

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Oh yes, that sounds like a good idea :) I do not know how to word such a thing, so you might as well start it :).
Becoming one with god *chuckle*. Always was a topic that I would like to learn about a little more. Heh. It just seems like a big control factor or what not. But you start a new topic then :P
(Gee, we need to get more people in this place :) Well, heh, I just started this community, so it will probably take time, right? *shrug*)
I think Lumley's idea is fascinating: our minds keep going in the literal space where we were laid to rest (or died). The dead can all talk to one another, but there is no such thing as bodies, etc.
Ah yes, that theory! In the astral depart. We all become etherical pieces of matter that float around and just so happy than ever. :) It would be so nice to lose this body and just become a floating ball of "gas" so to speak. Tee hee. :)
I have compiled a whole long hypothesis about what life is about, and it is long and extensive and it deals with floating and what not. *giggle*
It sounds very nice. I have a lot of theories myself. Some are not so pleasant.
Enlighten me:)
Hehehe. One aspect is feeling every emotion possible including the most pain a person can ever feel. I really do believe we have to feel real and true love before we die too.
But what if that does not even happen? What would happen if true love was never felt? Or maybe if we did not find that special soul mate to complete us?