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What is your view on how vegetarians base their beliefs?


There is this one girl whom I work with whom is saying that she wants to save animals, thus why she chose to become a vegetarian. I brought up the fact to her that there is animal in practically everything that we use, so then what is the goddamned point? I also asked her if she knew why we humans are here.

We are part of the food chain. We eat animals - animals eat the plants. Because we eat the animals, there is enough plant food to go around. BUT if more and more vegetarians pop up, what are we to do?

Our bodies are not designed to digest vegetables as well as the herbav-whatever. The canine teeth are there for a reason!

I am sorry, this has been bothering me... and bothering me... This girl really is starting to annoy me saying that she is just only trying to save the animals, but in actuality, she is eating what the animals would normally eat. *shrug* Soap... Clothes... Shoes... How are we going to get away from it? NEVER!

Gee, I really need to slap myself.
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