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Blood vampires...

Sanguinarian do they still exist? Or are they just a myth?
I do believe in psychic vampires - because I am one myself.
What what of the blood vampires? Whom live and strive for just a drop of blood to feel that energy? To cure that inbalance that they have? Do they even walk this earth any more? Or is it just part of the "goth" scene and just some weird fetish?
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As quoted from a website :
What is a Sanguinarian, you ask? Well, Sanguinarian is a term that was developed by Amy Krieytaz, owner of the Vampiric People's Resource Page, to describe those of us that have an affection and need for blood. A Sanguinarian is a Human Living Vampire, or HLV. We are people who have a biological need to ingest blood. We are human. We don't look any different from anyone else (except for those of us that are very fair complected due to sun-allergy.) We have jobs, families, children, regular friends, parents, and everything else that a non-sanguinarian has.
So in other words, it's just another term for blood vampire, and that quite a few of those whom researched into vampirism or are vampires know.
Oh, I forgive you. You needed not to apologize. :) It is something that I would not expect from anyone whom had not dug into vampirism.... :)

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That is what seemed to have formed blood vampires. That is why I am pondering if they really do exist, for the feeding of blood, or if it is just some sex fetish that people do. *shrug*
Psy vampirism seems more realistic to me -probably just b/c that's what I do. *shrug*
I do apologize if a blood vampire reads this, but I still have my doubts on the existance of them. heh.
Oh! It is always good to learn and read something new every day. Knowledge is never ending, and to learn as much as you can is what is great about having brains. :)
sure, blood can be exiting, but i don't think of it as erotic at all, and feeding can be intimate, but it's never been erotic for me...XD
I don't believe that actual vampires ever existed. I do think that the people today that need blood are mostly psychologically craving it. Although it can be iron and other nutrient deficiences, I see it as a legitimate and okay practice as long as it's done safely. Truthfully, I've never even heard of a blood vampire who was not part of the 'goth' scene. So that just seems to pull me towards the fact that it's just a psychological need, although I must admit, it would be difficult to stay a part of the "normal" society with such a narrowly-accepted lifestyle.
That is what I was thinking. If someone had such a drive to drink the blood of others, it would be kind of difficult to even live in this life. It does seem that all of the 'vampires' that I hear of are part of the goth scene, which make me wander a little more about it. In the stories of vampires, the vampires were not at all goth. They just sat in their house, away from the sun, but they dressed in fashion, instead of black (which is totally cool, but you know).
It is okay, to have this fetish of blood drinking, but to tell you the truth, I think that it would be kind of difficult to live now a days, unless you have been here for years and years and years, and drinking blood has become just something that you need. A normal human being needs so much from food, and blood is just not enough to keep someone alive. Yeah, 'vampires' drink blood to gain the energy, but most of the ones I hear drink it to FEED, because they are hungry. -scratches head-
It just might be all in their heads - huh?
I'm not a goth XD

I've been a Sanguinarian for a while now, and I'm working towards having vampires be more accepted by normal society through vidis on youtube and a wiki i'm putting together with some other vampires...

My youtube page is at http://youtube.com/profile?user=LilyCerise and my email address is lilycerise@gmail.com, i'd love to hear from anybody ^_^
*sneezes* The love of the vampire dates back only to the modern novel, "Dracula" by Bram. The fear of the wamphyri dates back long before that due to religious fantoms and/or the people who actually act exactly like the "vampire" due to a genetic issue. See "vampirism." Satan is often portrayed by a winged creature which can easily be ascribed to the horror of bats (which are also dark like Satan) and thus create the image of the "vampire." The adoration of the blood drinking goes into a more pathological, psychological, or emotional need of the specific believer/reader/actor, etc. Few, if any, religious teachings exclude the bat/human character. Why? Because few religions have excluded the morphing of any "pagan" creature with that of a human if Satan is involved. The crux of the bat is in its physical appearance: the darkness where it comes out to eat, the blindness yet able to fly, the dark body, the red eyes, the teeth, etc.

The adoration, the devine, the love, the charasmatic affiliation of the vampire creature is a relatively new phenomenon created by authors to describe D/s relationships, the power struggle, the essence of sexual release, and the image to die for what we want to become/love. It is the authors which have manipulated the circumstance so the vampire looks good to us. The same manipulation has been done for warewolves, Satan, zombies, "dark angels", etc. If you thought about it, to be truly of Satan or truly "evil" then we would gain nothing but horror. I used to fancy meeting Satan and talking to him. But if such is true and he is what he appears in all tales to be, then Satan would not just talk with me. After all, he is Satan. He would ruin my life, cause me the greatest torture I would ever know, and perhaps destroy everything I care about around me. Why we glorify "evil" creatures speaks to the human nature versus nurture model of thinking (I will stop here.)

There was a wonderful novel that came out many years ago (the name escapes me now) about a vampire and living in today's time. It spoke of heartache and painful lust, needing to feed and not wanting to, self termination, etc. I thought it spoke more about the true nature of what it might mean to be a real vampire than any fiction written before or since. In terms of love or sexual excitement, we yearn for the vampire to take away our cares and if death is the result..then so be it. The romantic aspects portrayed in modern novels detract and almost lie to us about the reality of such an existence/predicament.