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What if. . .

You met this one person, whom said you were one of them and truly needed and gifted. You know that you are somewhat different from others around you, but never questioned such a thing until that one day, when you spoke with that one person. That person said that once he/she would arrive to your house, he/she would help you awaken the powers that you have inside, that were stored and locked away for some reason.
You wonder if you are dreaming and ask yourself many times what to do with such a situation. You speak with the person many times and it is almost as if it were meant to be. Every time you hear his or her voice every cell in your body melts and you feel complete trust in this being. This person wants you to sit upon the throne with him/her and be the king/queen of a new world that you two are to create. The other children of such a wrath will be called upon to watch in awe as you yourself put destruction upon the world, only with a mere smile on your face. You are not being manipulated, you are actually enjoying this vision in your head. All darkness is around the world, and not one human whom was not chosen will be allowed to live. There will be a new world of which you are to create to your liking. It is finally time to rebuild a fallen empire and it is finally time to teach humans a lesson. You are currently with a person whom you truly adore, but would you really want to sacrifice everything you have with him/her, for this new person whom walks in and tells you off the hidden reality that is locked up in the back of your mind? Just a thought, please??? (-_-) I am just wondering what you would do if you were stuck in a situation like this, hypathetically(I know I probably spelt that wrong...) speaking...
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