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Theories on Life.

I love hearing about different theories on life and how we came to be, so dish. Tell me what you think happened. How did life exactly happen? I have many theories, but I tend to lean towards one...
There was life before us. There always was life. There was no beginning. No end. Just living. There was this one species, that was bored one day. Their species was close to extinction because of a past war. They wanted to live on. They wanted to help the rest of the universe. SO.
They devised this one experiment, taking their dna they constructed another species, one like themselves. They watched the species grow, almost like a plant. Carefully, they changed around what the new species looked like and what they did. They made more. And they made more. Until they had the species of their liking. They found a planet, and then "planted" us and so that is how we came to be.
We are like little puppets. Made to do what they desire and only what they desire. They pull the strings, changing what we like and what we can do. Our brains were programmed upon birth with different types of flaws or gifts to test us on how we would react. WE are still in the experiment and they are still studying our every move.

It is sad to think this is how we came to be, but it seems to be the only justification in my mind. *shrug* I cannot think about evolution. Or God. Or what not. It all seems too NORMAL and just how our brains seem to like to believe.
I guess I am just a lost person, still trying to find the truth...
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