A p R i L (ox_isis_xo) wrote in childrenofnight,
A p R i L

Dreams, are they really real?

Are dreams something to take very lightly? Or are they something that is very real? Are they a way to reach another dimension? Or is it just the mind just rambling on to itself? *scratches head* I know scientists say that it is just the mind unraveling for the day and letting out things that it had on mind? But is that something that is real? Or are they just trying to cover up a mystery that will never be solved?
My dream confused me.
I did not understand whether it was just my mind unraveling, or if it was something that was totally of reality. I take dreams as tools of divination. I like to meditate on my dreams and learn from the experiences. I do not take them as just a mere thought that passes through my mind. They seem to be gateways to another world. What if we are actually aliens? And the dreams are a way to let ourselves release ourselves into the world that we originally came from?
I just do not understand what happened in my dream. It was sort of like a horror movie, but a little more complex. Things happened, that if known, could have been prevented. I did prevent my boyfriend dying, though, because I was unhappy with the results and awoke to only fall asleep and dream the same dream over. Each time I awoke, I dreamt the same dream. It was annoying and I do not understand the meaning in it. Usually, dreams that are dreamt continuously shokw that there is a great impact on the mind, I believe. I do not know. If the end of the world, is going to be like my dream, it would be quite interesting, but also quite fun. I do not know. *scratches head* I am kind of... feeling weird right now. It just feels as if I was downloaded with some information. *shrug* I get that way every now and then from certain dreams. But why this one?
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