A p R i L (ox_isis_xo) wrote in childrenofnight,
A p R i L

Free Will...

(Discussion thought of by: silverspidertm2)
If you are to become "one with some god" does that mean you are to lose your free will? What happens to your mind, body, and soul when you attempt to "become one with some god?" Is it a bad thing or a good thing? Or is free will even a factor in here?
I think that this becoming one with some God is a nonexistant thing. When death is upon your door knocking to take your soul, free will is not even there either. All in all, you will be whom you are, even if you follow some God. Depending on which God you are to follow your fate of will will be shown. :) Now, if you follow some God whom tells you to do this and that, that and this just to become what HE or SHE wants, well then you are screwed and will never learn for yourself the true beauty of life.
-Er, I do not even know if I answered the topic. *shrug* But that is my thought?
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