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A p R i L

Okay Yes, it is great...

Yes, I know that I started my Samhain a little early, probably should have did it a little later in the day, but hmph, it is a great thing!
Here is what I accomplished on this grand day!!
I have not felt this good for a long time!
There was this dying urge to go to a graveyard. I soon found myself in a graveyard, staring at the darkness that enveloped around me. There was this emense energy thatblanketed my body and took over everything that I was. I could not concentrate for a little bit until I got used to this amount of energy. It has been so long since I have felt this much energy at one time. I was excited. Yes, I was very excited. I wanted to hop up and down in my car and scream very happily. I sound like an excited kid, but that is what happens to me when I feel a lot of energy. -See, I feed on energy, but I knew not to attempt to do such a thing, for that w ould be wrong and this is a time to thank the dead for everything and the ones whom had passed away. :) Oh gee. :) :) I cannot help but smile right now. I reflected on everything that happened in the past year, and I said to myself that it is time to start anew and learn from the mistakes. I thought about the kids that I lost, whom I never had known, and the pets I have lost will never be forgotten. Today, is such a great day! I hope you all had a good day!
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Energy? mehhhhh I never belived in that stuff all to much, all my female friends back when we used to do that stuff always said they felt and saw stuff. Closest I have seen is when my friends and I were putting out hand on a tomb stone and our hand print stayed on it for a few seconds after we took our hand off, and no it wasn't cold out lol. Other then that i've seen absolutly no proof on "energy" or "Ki" or whatever people call it or ghosts and stuff like that lol.
Oh? That is just too bad. Hmph. Some people can do it, some people cannot. It is just life. Not all of us can have the ability to do something, or else then what else would there be left to compete with? From my analyzation of life and things of that such, I came to the conclusion, that there are a few men majickal practioners, compared to females? Is there a reason? I do not know? Maybe females just are more intuative then males would be? Also, I noticed that a majority of men do not go through a depression stage that most females go in? *shrug* It confuses me.